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7th Sea: City of Five Sails Forward March Organized Play Kit (Fall/Winter Season 1) for Tournament Organizers *SOLD OUT*

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This Organized Play Launch Kit has everything you’ll need to organize your own 7th Sea event! Ideal for learn-to-play events and tournaments, this kit contains sixteen Forward March Promo Packs, each containing five alt art and full bleed promo cards for your participants to add to their collection. The kit also features resin control markers with each faction’s insignia.

Each organized play kit will also allow participants to participate in the ongoing living story in Five Sails. This kit will feature the Forward March story event. Tournament Organizers will submit the results of their event to impact the direction of the storyResults will be collected until March 31, 2024 leading to the Spring Global Storyline Event.

Learn to Play Recommendations: Distribute promo packs evenly amongst participants. Distribute resin tokens evenly to participants matching the faction to which they are loyal.

Tournament Recommendations: Each OP Kit can accommodate up to 10 participants with prize support. Distribute one promo pack to each participant. At the end of the event, each player who performed the best within their faction receives the three matching resin control tokens and an additional promo pack. The remaining pack is given to the tournament organizer or the best overall ranked.

NOTE: Kits for this Series are Sold Out; we look forward to the Spring Global Storyline Series. Please register your event upon ordering. 
Event Registration: https://pineboxentertainment.com/op-submission/
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