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7th Sea: City of Five Sails Base Game

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For the common scoundrel, the City of Five sails is a place of opportunity. A place to strike rich, a place to fall madly in love, a place to meet a tastefully tragic doom. It's a fine life. An admirable life, even, if the poets are to be believed. You know better.

This city has sails, but it is missing a captain. Take charge of your deck and your crew, and live a life worthy of legend!

In this Expandable Card Game for 2-4 players, your chosen leader must seize control
of the City of Five Sails. Your characters will fight, scheme, or spell-cast their way to victory. This is no easy task! Each day, you will have to distribute equipment, magic, and manpower between the Forums, the Grand Bazaar, and the Docks to seize control and
Renown. You must carefully calculate what you can give and take, or you must boldly attempt to conquer all three.

Your characters will carry out your grand designs via lightning-fast duels. Each duel's winner will be decided by the Riposte, Parry, Thrust combat system. You and your opponent will quickly trade damage tokens back and forth with all the panache and drama of a classic swashbuckling film. Be brave, be witty, be sly, and your characters just might triumph unscathed. As well as going toe-to-toe with your tabletop friends, you are invited to join our thriving online community.

5 Leader Cards (1 Per Faction)
40 Character Cards
30 Scheme Cards
246 Risk & Attachment Cards
30 Card City Deck
52 Game Tokens
5 Enlarged Location Cards
4 Player Reference Cards
2 Limited Promo Cards
Comprehensive Rulebook
Learn to Play Booklet